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Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter to Editor of CNN-IBN Special:"Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?"

From: Somya Harsh (somya.harsh@yahoo.in)
To: editor@ibnlive.com;
Date: Fri, 17 September, 2010 11:12:51 AM
Subject: "CNN-IBN Special: Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?"- ill timed!!
This is regarding CNN-IBN Special: Is there an anti-Muslim bias in urban housing societies?
aired on CNN-IBN on 16th September.
The program and survey conducted was ill-timed and almost needless, looking at present Geo-political and socially degraded conditions in J & K, other parts of India and across the worldAdding to that there have been rumors and stories going on of suspected terrorists roaming in Mumbai , 12 cities of India on militant targets. And AYODHYA Case Verdict due to come on 24th Sep.
Being an young and alert citizen of India, and avid fan of CNN-IBN, I was shocked and baffled to see your channel coming with such news special in these "tense times".The channel known for it's journalistic values and high credentials, must not instigate any communal differences which would further aggravate already weak and murky conditions of j & K and all over India. The channel must also be aware of the fact, that the reportage would have been aired all across the border and across the continents. just like Salman's interview on Pak channel created turmoil in India, the same could happen with this Special Survey Report in Muslim populous states and nations, And aid anti-India forces to yet again fuel the fire in hearts of terrorists and locals citing this story.  This may not be evident, but such reportage by a Eminent Indian News Channel of yours in such bad times could be fatal in long run.

Maybe am hyperventilating, but I hope you have got hold of my concerns and do take some remedial measures to counter any damage(seen or unseen) which may have already happened among the masses. Please try and propagate UNITY and PEACE, rather than discovering new reasons for differences. Show the world the examples of Hindu Muslim living in peace and let them emulate you. Am not suggesting the channel to be hypocrite, but the news should not in any case be a shot in arm for the anti-India forces. , in these terrible times.
Let's try and be messenger of peace. This will be a great service to our nation and world.

your avid fan till now,
23 yrs
ghaziabad (u.p.)

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